“Flexible. Intuitive. Responsive. Caring. From our first coaching session together, Renate helped me clarify my thoughts on my professional behaviour transition and identify what I really needed to do to move forward but by staying true to myself. She helped me see the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ or “which exit at the roundabout I really needed to take” by breaking down the steps I needed to take into bite-sized actions. I would highly recommend Renate as both a career and personal coach – in fact, this combination is what makes Renate such a wonderful coach and human being to work with. Her follow-through is remarkable, as is her steadfast positive attitude. I would definitely work with her again! ” – J. , Divonne

My coaching sessions with Renate brought me back to life. I was experiencing very hard times when I met her and she accompanied me on my way to healing. She simply gave me the right tools and means  to deal with my problems and disintricate my emotions in a practical way. She followed me in every step of the process, adjusting the tools according to the progress made.  She is so caring, tactful and committed that I never felt alone during the coaching period. Her professionalism and her availability showed me the way towards gaining more confidence and  more independence. She is not only a very talented and excellent coach but also a brilliant  human being. Today I feel that I can  control  my life and make my own decisions. – Nat, Vaud – Suisse

“A fallen angel you feel; from the high crystal tower you landed in a place where your habitual rules do not apply, where you’re nobody; everyone before used to put you in the center of their universe, but all of a sudden nothing is like it used to be…it’s just you with your dark thoughts of loneliness, of lost friendships; feels like you’re used the whole time and now garbage like disposed. Your life used to gravitate around career, life used to be numbers, life used to be appreciation…and now carving after all of these you are prone of making compromises, of ignoring who you are just to feed your ego’s insatiable hunger. Before you go that road of no return, get in touch with Renate. Under her guiding, with her support you’ll find in you the ammunition to fight all those demons. To defeat them. To rise above the projection of darkness, and shine as true YOU, a unique contribution to this world. YOU are not alone; you don’t need to have this fight alone! You need to be coached on that. With Renate, you’ll find more than a coach, more than a theoretical process. Her unique combination of cultural background, passion for people, high emotional intelligence level, coaching and psychology combined, are there, waiting to help you. So did I, so you CAN do. ” – Edi

Le coaching avec Renate a été une merveilleuse surprise. Au-delà de ses capacités et de son aide précieuse, sa gentillesse, son écoute et son soutien sans faille ont rendu cette expérience non seulement enrichissante mais également très agréable à vivre! Un grand merci à elle! – Nathalie

Renate’s coaching sessions are truly enlightening & inspiring. All in harmony: the coach with the coachee, and you with yourself. Enriching experience! The environment is cozy & friendly. The way she communicates and asks questions opens your eyes and you realize many things about yourself…After every session I felt fulfillment and balance, I got closer to myself and to my life mission. Her attention is only on you and you feel her support during the sessions and even after that. Her aim is your success and she does everything to help you get there…She helps to direct your focus towards inner work and observation, and this is extremely important. Honestly, the coaching sessions with Renate turned my thinking and way of life into a much more constructive direction. – Viktoria

Renate sait se mettre dans la peau de ses clients pour saisir leur vraie nature et personnalité. Elle propose donc des approches sur mesure pour cette personne, la situation spécifique et ses problèmes. Elle m’a donné de précieux conseils pragmatiques que je pouvais facilement intégrer dans ma vie quotidienne sans devoir faire un effort majeur. Je sentais que Renate avait vraiment envie de m’aider à améliorer ma vie et se réjouissait autant que moi de mes progrès. – Maren, Zurich

Having never worked with a coach before, I did not know the session with Renate could make such a powerful impact.

Renate created an atmosphere that gave me confidence to make change possible. Every step of the way she helped me gain insights and work on small steps so I could finally reach my personal goals. It has been very refreshing working with someone who can guide you to next levels and make you understand that you always had it in yourself. Thank you for the empowerment! – Richard, France/Pays-Bas

Renate made me feel worthy and has given me good, helpful & practical advice – Sophie, Lavaux – Suisse

After an international move to Switzerland I felt quite overwhelmed and unbalanced, both personally and professionally. It was one of my best decisions at that time to get in touch with Renate. She is welcoming, sweet and listens in such a way that you feel comfortable and at the same time realize where challenges and problem triggers lie. She not only provides insightful information and inspiring, pragmatic tips but also guides you to feel your own inner strength and find solutions yourself. I always felt like in a safe haven when coming to her place, really enjoying each session and it was very nice to see how excited she was for me whenever progress was made in a positive direction. She never spared any effort to follow up on our meetings and to give additional advice and encouragement when needed in between sessions. After a few months of coaching, the atmosphere in my family has turned into a much more harmonious one, I feel that I have a compass for my own needs and my personal mission again and I have regained self-esteem and professional self-confidence. My whole view on life has become much more positive and I can recommend her services wholeheartedly to anyone going through a challenging period in his or her lifetime. Thank you so much for the wonderful journey together, Renate! – Judith, Vaud, Suisse

I feel fortunate to have had Renate as a coach when I was looking for the next step in my career.  Whatever my question, she always had helpful advice that clarified my next steps. Her calm, welcoming and professional nature made it easy to connect and learn. I really appreciated that she was available between coaching sessions for advice and was flexible in adapting our focus along the way. Her guidance and insight helped me move ahead and I am now on an exciting path. I highly recommend Renate as a coach! – Melanie, Vaud, Suisse

Renate did a marvellous job in coaching me. She supports you in better understanding your feelings and frustrations and offers you the tools to manage these to your benefit. I can warmly recommend Renate to anyone who would like to better understand and manage his/her hopes and anxieties – Christian, Suisse

I really appreciate our talks and the way you help me put things in perspective. I have seen many therapists in my life and I have to say you have really helped me, I feel you get me and you know how to call the best person out of me. I feel the time we spent together has been really efficient and I am not really sure where I would be if you had not crossed my road. Of course, I had a work already done on myself but I feel you’ve helped me make it all concrete and do-able. You made me strong and more able to think for myself so thanks for everything – M.C.

Expérience du coaching était une première pour moi et cela m’a fait un grand bien. Les rendez vous pris étaient une bouffer d’oxygène, En bonne professionnelle, Renate a su me conseiller en me donnant des conseils adapté à mon style de vie et à ma personnalité. Un grand merci. – Valérie

J’ai été vraiment heureuse de faire votre connaissance et j’ai eu beaucoup de chance de vous trouver. Il est vrai qu’après chaque séance, je ressortais contente et même surprise en bien et voyais mes évolutions grâce à vous et à vos compliments. Vous faites un travail remarquable et grâce à vous, j’ai un dossier en bêton qui me permet de décrocher des entretiens. – T.

I very much enjoyed working with Renate, she is endowed with great professionalism and sense of humanity. She is a great motivator and communicator and helped me during the start of my entrepreneurial endeavor by enhancing my emotional intelligence and communication skills. I am looking forward to working with her again in the future.

Salvatore, Geneva, Switzerland.

“Coaching with Renate was very helpful – her advice and encouragement made an important change in my life. She is great in her job and has the capacity to help in many ways – professionally, but also in relation to family matters. I am grateful for her insights and very practical feedback! Thank you Renate! – Nika, France”

“I was very lucky for having had the chance to work with Renate as my professional coach. Her kindness, attentiveness, guidance and, most of all, her advices were precious tools for reviewing and changing my job search focus. Renate’s international experience, savvy recommendations along with her honest and careful feedback were exceptionally helpful in my career review process.” – Karla

“Renate’s warmth, openness and professionalism offers a secure environment, in which it is possible to reflect honestly about one’s personal qualities, behavioral patterns and values and their impact on the goals set at the start of the coaching process. If necessary, Renate provides support between sessions by email or telephone which makes it easier to track the progress made. If you want to make real change in your life, Renate will get you there!”  – P. 

“Les séances de coaching avec Renate m’ont beaucoup apporté et ont été très enrichissantes. Des astuces et conseils sur comment voir différemment les choses m’ont permis d’améliorer mon quotidien, tant privé que professionnel. En plus de voir et de réfléchir d’une autre manière, j’ai appris sur moi-même. Ce qui m’a fait évoluer. Merci beaucoup, Renate, pour votre précieuse aide – Mégane “

“I connected with Renate to help me improve some key traits I judged necessary to succeed in the corporate world & in my marriage.  Better communication skills, personal organisation and energy levels.  Working with Renate, I realized that these were superficial challenges for a deeper problem – I was fundamentally not happy with the person I had become.  Together she helped me work on myself, identifying the person I wanted to be while overcoming the barriers that prevented me from becoming that person.  This resulted in some significant changes in the way I live my life now.  I am more proactive, I take better care of myself and I made the big decision to pursue a career pivot in a direction that more closely aligned to the purpose I wanted to fulfil.  By working on my personal foundations, I have found that my communication skills, personal organisation and energy levels have all improved on their own.  I am excited about the future in a way I haven’t felt since my 20s, but I am happy to approach it with the calm assurance that comes from a deeper understanding and acceptance of myself which I have gained working with Renate.” – A. 

“J’ai particulièrement apprécié la qualité des échanges et interactions avec Renate, la finesse de son analyse et la pertinence de ses propos et recommandations. Cette rencontre a été très enrichissante pour moi et valorisante, me permettant de mettre le doigt rapidement et en toute simplicité sur mes axes de réflection et de développement. Le tout dans une démarche ouverte sans contrainte et fluide – Merci Renate pour votre accompagnement à la fois très amical et très professionnel. ” – Patrick