Duration : Everyone is unique, so how many sessions you need depends entirely on you: how motivated you are to reach your objectives, how much time you are willing and able to liberate for yourself and how big your problem is. Every client has his/her own needs, time pressure, work schedule, priorities and problems, so there is no fixed time frame.

That said, clients usually take 5-10 sessions (spread out over 3-6 months) of 60 minutes, to reach their primary objectives. A first Coaching package is valid for 1 year (longer on request). For Continued Coaching I offer a 10% discount.

Introduction call :  It always starts with a FREE introduction call, without commitment, in which I will answer all questions and you will decide whether or not you would like to start your Coaching Journey with me.

location :  My home, your home, your office or any calm location of your picking that is private and has not too noisy (like for example a quiet coffee bar). I work from home, based in Coppet (Vaud), but can come to any location in the Terre Sainte region at no additional charge. Further away will cost some extra for my travelling. Sessions via Skype are also a possibility, however I would recommend to have at least one session in-person.

“Coaching Walks” :  “Walk & Talks” are Coaching sessions held outside, during an endorphin-releasing walk in the Coppet regional nature. It is optional, but the recommendation is to have at least 1 “Walk & Talk” out of all your Coaching sessions. In integral coaching, our focus is on mental, emotional AND physical well-being. Coppet Coaching’s “Walk & Talks” are a fantastic way to stimulate creative thinking, decision-making and improve mood in general. (Please ask me for more information if you are interested).

Language : Dutch, English and French.

Working days: Mondays – Fridays (except for Wednesdays) from 9 – 17.30 h. On request, available on evenings (via Skype/your location). Weekends & holidays: only for emergencies and for an adapted rate (150%).

Cancellation policy: For cancellations prior to 2 days before our meeting, your session won’t be charged. After, your session will be charged for 50%.