Coaching / Counseling (for private clients)

Do you feel stuck? Lost? Unfulfilled? Anxious? Unable to get yourself out of your current situation that you are eager to get out of? Do you feel blocked, emotionally, physically or in your way of thinking? Do you keep engaging in similar relationships that don’t seem to work for you, but you don’t know how to handle things differently? Are you ready to change your life and invest in your own self-development?

Perhaps I can help you.

Here are some examples of reasons clients came to see me for Coaching :

    • Relationship coaching: difficulties building and maintaining relationships (friends, family), finding a partner,  complicated social relationships, harassment at work, fear of judgement, playing “a role” in social settings
    • Couple’s counseling: communication & intimacy issues within marriage/couple, dealing with cheating or separation, opening up about past (emotional, physical or sexual abuse), shame around sexual orientation, guilt around desires, inability to connect emotionally
    • Career coaching: feelings of dissatisfaction at work (“is this really IT for me?”), career transitions & a-z guidance for job-seekers (Please find more information on Career Consulting below)
    • Performance coaching: internal or external blockages for reaching ultimate performance potential
    • Health coaching: reduced overall wellness, unhealthy lifestyle, fitness routine and nutrition (Please ask me about my “Walk & Talks”, coaching sessions during an energizing walk outside)
    • Personal coaching: confusion about identity (“Who am I”), feeling depressed, low confidence, anxious/scared, unsatisfied, unhappy, not in control
    • Crisis coaching: dealing with a difficult life event, like a divorce or the loss of a loved-one
    • Family coaching: complicated family dynamics, parenting challenges
    • Expat coaching: lack of grounding, feeling lost and lonely, lack of “belonging”
    • Coaching for growth: wanting to become a better version of themselves, making better decisions, changing bad habits
    • Adolescent coaching: guidance for 13-19-year old’s, facing challenges while transitioning from childhood to adulthood. Confusion about identity, sexuality, bullying, lack of confidence, shyness.
    • Psychological counseling: counselling around psychological themes, how to live with (a family member that has a) mental illness (depression, bipolar), mood disorders (anxiety, OCD, stress), trauma or eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia)
    • EMDR therapy: to process psychological traumas.

How I can help you:

Session 1: For our Coaching sessions to be successful, we need to build a relationship of trust and understanding, in which you feel safe enough to share your confidential information. My fundamental values are to be non-judgmental, respectful and to stimulate open communication. Through deep listening, I use a holistic approach – guiding you in exploring the dynamics in your current life; body (how is your behavior), mind (what kind of thoughts do you have), emotions (how do you feel) and invite you to deepen your understanding of your presented problem and your personal structure of interpretation (how you perceive things). By the end of our first session(s), your Coaching objectives (your intentions with Coaching) will be crystal clear to both of us.

Session 2-5: The second phase will be where we will create your personal “Competency Development program“.  I tend to have a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapeutic (CBT) and Mindful approach, in which we create awareness of your “cognitions” (thoughts), causing you to behave and feel differently than you would like today. After building awareness (sometimes through self-observations), we build practical tools and exercises for you to train yourself with new patterns of thinking, behaving and feeling. All that you learn from doing these exercises in-between sessions, will be our starting point in our next session. We will continue to “meet you where you’re at” (catering to your changing needs) throughout your Coaching journey towards your Coaching Objective(s).

Session 6: In the last session we assess the progress that you have made so far, review to what extend you have reached your objective(s) and what your  opportunities are. Together we will analyze if it could be beneficial for you to continue with Coaching and/or if you are happy with what you have accomplished.

Do you want to find out if Coaching or Counseling suits your needs? Contact me for a non-binding introduction call.

Executive / Team Coaching (for corporations)

Is your team not reaching its targets? Is the internal communication poor and are people not getting along? Are you a senior manager who is motivated to provide an optimal work climate for your team-members and to do what you can to help them reach/exceed their objectives?

Perhaps I can help you.

Here are some examples of reasons companies contacted me for Coaching :

    • Performance coaching: internal or external blockages for reaching ultimate performance potential for individual team members
    • Leadership coaching for managers: ineffective communication, lack of confidence in their leadership style, lack of impact/persuasiveness (possibility to do a “360 assessment”)
    • Team coaching: team conflicts, ineffective interpersonal communication, negatively affected performance, poor work atmosphere, dissatisfied employees, unhealthy work-life balance, unclear expectations.
    • Entrepreneurial coaching: how to set up one’s own business

How I can help:

Please contact me for a personalized offer based on your specific business needs.

Do you want to find out if Executive or Team Coaching suits your needs? Contact me for a non-binding introduction call.

Career Consulting

Coaching professionnel

Although we go through similar phases in Career Coaching/Consulting, the second phase might divert from Personal Coaching as we don’t build a Personalized Program to develop competences. Generally the approach is more pragmatic and includes (not limited to) the following themes (adapted to your needs):

    • What would you like to do today? (if you don’t know yet)
    • Portfolio of Competences: Evaluation of your professional competences (hard skills) and social competences (soft skills)
    • Personal assessment: Analyses of your values, drivers, influences, ambitions, intentions and Unique Selling Points (USP’s)
    • Creation of Professional Projects
    • Marketing techniques: CV, motivation letter, Linked-in profile and other relevant tools used
    • Presentation & communication: interview training, how to sell oneself
    • Search strategy & plan of action: use of network, social media, planning & targets
    • For start-ups: practice ‘sales pitch’, business plan review
    • ‘Plan B’: Brainstorming on different possibilities and opportunities
    • Contract negotiations, how to settle into new environment
    • Other possible themes: harassment at work, how to improve your satisfaction at work within your current job
    • And all other topics you bring to our sessions

Do you want to find out if Career Consulting suits your needs? Contact me for a non-binding introduction call.

What is needed from you for it to work:

Commitment (willingness & motivation to work on yourself) & time. By no means does any Coach claim that they ‘fixed their clients’. It’s all you. You will be the one to thank when you have reached your objectives. For it to be successful you need to make sure that you are able to fit in some you-time  throughout the duration of the Coaching program. We tend to make most progress and learn most about ourselves in-between the sessions, when you are doing the practices at home.