What is Coaching?

It is easiest to explain what Personal Coaching (or: Life Coaching) is by comparing it to other forms of counselling, like “Positive Psychology” or “Narrative Psychology”. All these disciplines are aimed at the same thing: helping clients improve the quality of their lives by creating awareness and changing negative perceptions, behavioral patterns & hurtful emotions into more positive or useful ones, to be able to live their lives better.  These changes – for a higher satisfaction and happiness in life – are developed over a period of time, through one-on-one talking sessions and client’s active practice of “tools” during the intervals.

Coaches and their clients have a peer-based relationship, in which Coach and client work very much together on a personalized development program to reach the client’s objectives. Clients are seen as naturally resourceful and whole (not broken) human beings, who sometimes just need a little help to get where or how they want to be. In Coaching, whether Personal or Professional, we tend to work towards an objective, so the client can feel and measure his/her progress.

In Coaching we focus on the person, not the problem, and believe that clients have all it takes to reach their maximum potential, Coaches just help them unlock it.